Posted by: Dad...Guess What?! | June 14, 2014

Happy Father’s Day


Happy Father’s Day.  If you had told me years ago that I would one day be a part of this group called “father’s”, I would have turned up my Walkman and well, walked away.  But here I am amongst this wonderful group of people who dedicate their lives to raise others.  Now, I use the term “father” in a broad sense because there are mother’s out there serving as both roles, which is simply mind blowing.  Many times I think about the amazing things I’ve seen other fathers do.  They are coaches, umpires, referees, scout leaders, instructors, leaders, mentors, hanai’d uncles (and aunties), the list goes on.  I was at one of my son’s baseball practices – the first one for this particular season – and next to me on the field was another father who met all the players for the first time.  One of the cool things about this guy was he treated each player as if he, or she, was his own child.  He was encouraging and supportive to each and every player no matter their skills level.  Some of these kids may not play baseball again in the near future but this dad taught them hard work pays off and it is safe to be themselves.  Super awesome.

Being a father, no, being a parent is a selfless role with invaluable rewards.  The goofy ties, the bright colored socks, the crazy aloha shirts are all good, but the smiles at the end of the day is the best gift of all.  Happy Father’s Day to all those that play a “father” role in a child’s life.



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