Posted by: Dad...Guess What?! | March 26, 2014

Is the glass really half full?

I have two new years resolutions – do not eat lunch at my desk and to have no resentments.  *Sigh* 2013 was filled with resentment.  Anyway, I was doing ok with my first resolution but I’m slipping back to eating lunch at my desk.  I didn’t realize it was that tough and I use the same excuse, too much work and so little time.  I’ll work on this one.  The resentment one however, was also going well but it is creeping up on me again and it is frustrating.

Where did this resentment come from?  As I dig, which wasn’t that hard, I discovered it came down to justice.  It sounds dramatic but I feel fairness is a simple request and I become conflicted when it doesn’t happen.  The return of resentment came when I was reading current events around the Malaysia Airlines and the Ukraine.  Read any news feed on these two topics and it is filled with grief, unanswered questions, and issues around integrity.  I know we don’t live in utopia but c’mon.  As I read through these global events, I started take mental assessments on local events and all of sudden I’m looking at issues right in front of me.  I think this is where the “creeping” started.  Issues I pushed aside at the start of 2014 is starring at me again.  It’s not my family.  That part is great.  It’s everything outside my family circle.

I feel like I’m looking down at this mad puzzle with pieces that are slowly creating an ugly picture.  I see the corners and the pieces within forming something I’m not ready to accept.  But as one piece connects to the next I’m forced to accept the final product.  I could walk away I suppose but that doesn’t solve anything because it’ll still be there.  I might have said this in a previous post but I need to simply change my perspective.  Maybe the glass is half full.  So as I’m starring at my metaphorical puzzle, I may need to force myself to look around.  Rather than look outside my family circle, maybe I need to look within my family circle where things are real.

My two kids share with me regularly their Lego creations and random drawings.  In there eyes, they’ve designed something reflective of what is within, something pure, something happy, maybe even, well, fair.  They have a big box of mixed Lego pieces.  They have a container filled with a mixture of color pencils and crayons.  Are they resentful?  Not at all.  They look at it as if they are going to create their own masterpieces from the chaos.  They are controlling their own destiny.  Mmm, I suppose I need to take away something from that.


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