Posted by: Dad...Guess What?! | November 24, 2013

Movember…please bring me my razor!

November is actually Movember, and I’m not enjoy it at all.  I thought it would be fun when my co-worker “recruited” me in late October but little did I know it was going to be one of the most uncomfortable experiences in my adult life.  I’m in the final stretch but it is itchy and I feel like this mustache is just collecting a whole bunch of stuff – buggers, food, dirt, etc.  I’m also extremely self conscious in public, which I realize is very self centered (but I can’t help it).  I feel I look like a dirty old man.  I’m not saying that others with mustaches are creepy – I honestly feel I don’t wear it well at all.  I just need to add a pair of mirrored sun glasses with a very dark, tinted window white van and have just become that man you DON’T want your kids to meet.  It REALLY doesn’t help that I’m a Cub Scout co-Den Leader.  Yes, creepy.

But Movember is a prostate cancer awareness movement.  Cancer has a profound place in my life because I have a family history of colon cancer.  In fact, I had my first colonoscopy in my early 30’s where they found about 5-6 polyps (luckily non-cancerous).  I’ll probably have about about 3-4 colonscopies by the time I reach 50 (I had two already).  So Movember is actually something more than just facial hair, it’s a reality check.  I’ve grumbled to my Movember team captain (our team is called “Balls of Hair”) more than once about this experience and his response, “Is this as uncomfortable as prostate cancer?”  Point taken.

My mom went through some extremely challenging points in her life when my dad was going through his cancer treatment.  And it goes without saying that my dad probably went through hell as well (he is a two-time cancer survivor – colon and lung).  They shared what they went through but I can’t imagine, for the life of me, what that must have been like.

So yeah, I’m a little comfortable right now.  And yes, I can’t wait for December 1st to be perfectly honest.  But this experience provided me perspective.  There are people out there confronted with far more difficult, life-altering situations then a mustache.  So even after I reunite with my razor, this experience will stick with me for a long time.

Stay healthy.


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