Posted by: Dad...Guess What?! | September 28, 2013

Another trip to the Pacific Aviation Museum

I have to admit it, I love that my sons love history.  And Hawaii has A LOT to offer in terms of history from a Hawaiian and American perspective.  We spent the past two Saturdays checking out the Pearl Harbor Historical Sites.  The Mighty Mo will never get old but we have never visited the USS Bowfin.


Needless to say the boys loved it.  They had a tough time wrapping their brain around the idea that the USS Bowfin would spend DAYS underwater.  The audio guide definitely helped and better yet, they had two versions – one for families and one specifically for adults.  My boys had an easy time understanding what was said on the audio tour.  The museum was well worth it too, again, equipped with a kid friendly audio guide.  Very cool.


The following weekend was for the Pacific Aviation Museum.  Again, this place never gets old, for my wife and I too.


We haven’t gone in a while so there were some new features like this B17 Bomber.  It was too cool.


I did catch myself completely fascinated with the bullet holes from the Dec. 7, 1941 bombing of Pearl Harbor.  I know it happened, so I know it was real but to see the realities of it right in front of me was mind blowing.


A return visit to this place is around the corner for sure.  It is an amazing trip through history, but it is also a place that reminds me of what I have today.  I am forever grateful.


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