Posted by: Dad...Guess What?! | April 30, 2013

Reading…the lost art.

I’m not exactly sure if people read anymore.  Ok, that is a bit extreme.  I’m not sure if people read as much as they did before.  Lately my colleagues and I have been shocked with the amount of students that don’t read instructions.  We’re not talking surface stuff like how to open a bag of chips but documents like their admissions acceptance letter and financial aid materials.  So yeah, important things.  Some one actually shared his concerns and suggested that we may be entering a culture of icons.  ICONS!  Has it come to that?  I’m having a difficult time imagining a COLLEGE acceptance letter with only pictures (sorry graphic designers).  Adding to the shock was a recent e-mail I received that suggested that now adults don’t have time to read.  Huh?!?  It was suggested that a memo be summarized and the bulk of the content be presented to them at a meeting.  Really?  What next?  Do we need to act it out so that it is more entertaining?  Sorry for the sarcasm.  

I’m just worried because around 50% of our students place below college level in reading, and my fear is it will translate to future issues in the workforce if it is not immediately addressed.  Can you imagine an ER nurse that can’t read instructions?  “I swear his foot was here somewhere.” 

I remember sitting in an SAT workshop and the presenter basically said, “read”.  He went on to say, “when you have some extra time, read some more, then read again.”  I just wished he did his presentation Power Point style so I can look at pictures.


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