Posted by: Dad...Guess What?! | April 29, 2013

Really…how am I doing?

A really good friend of mine asked me other day, “how are you?”  The typical response would have been “fine” but I wasn’t quite sure if I was truly “fine”.  Of course, this was all in the context of work, so I really had to think about that question.  My primary job is working with teens, and they bring varying perspectives on life that makes me reflect on my own.  They teach me about patience, resilience, and persistence.  How am I?  I would say at this point – lucky.  I don’t think everyone can say that each day is a learning opportunity.  I do have somewhat a routine.  I open my door, load up my computer, and put my bag down.  But my lessons begins shortly after that.  How does a 17 year old get kicked out a house but managed to pass their exams?  How does a family who can barely pay rent and support their child’s education?  Why are there have and have nots?  In a blink of an eye, the day is done and I return home to be with my kids.  “How am I doing?”  Fine.  Perfectly fine.  But how do I give back?


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