Posted by: Dad...Guess What?! | November 11, 2012

Honoring our vets

The Punchbowl Cemetery (or National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific) is always a great visit, especially for the kids.  Today was extra crowded in light of Veteran’s Day.  The Cemetery still allowed visitors even though there was a event honoring the Vets.  We visit the Cemetery at least once a year and I use these moments to remind our kids to remember there were soliders who fought for our freedom and to take nothing for granted.

Because the event was in progress, we could only walk around in select areas.  Luckily, the area around Lady Columbia was open.  My kids enjoyed viewing the maps of the various attacks.  Me too.  War is just so mind blowing.

The Punchbowl Cemetery is very scenic.  On one side you can see from Diamond Head to Ewa Beach.  The other side are  views of the valleys

My kids felt they were on top of the world.  They were pointing out buildings and landmarks they would typically see at ground level.  They also couldn’t believe the restrooms were once bunkers during the war.  Best of all, they recognized the number of soliders buried in the Cemetery.

I love this place.  This place makes me realize how much I have.  To all the soldiers….thank you.  Thank you for everything.


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