Posted by: Dad...Guess What?! | November 4, 2012

I need to live and learn on a farm

Gardening is very cool.  There is so much to learn…and no one really gets hurt if a mistake should happen.  Anyway, my challenge has been the type of soil to use and the location of the vegetables.  So far its been a loose combination of top soil and chicken manure, and the plants receive a fair amount of sunlight (but not all day long).  My past post on DIY planters kind of gives you an idea of the set up.  The green peppers, eggplant, and tomatoes turn out very small, no matter how long it stays in the ground.  The carrots are one big mystery.  Much like kalo, its hard to know when carrots are ready to harvest.  Anyway, I left these guys in the ground for a long time and this was the result.

So, several things I learned.  Do not plant them so close together, and make sure the healthy dirt is deep enough for the carrots t to grow.  It is quite possible the carrots stop growing because it hit mud, solid mud.  Next time.  Now, I can’t wait to harvest our bananas.


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