Posted by: Dad...Guess What?! | August 5, 2012

Disney Aulani was awesome!

The title says it all.  We took a short on-island vacation (or staycation) at Disney’s Aulani.  I was reluctant at first but was presently surprised shortly after check-in.

There were so many things to do but for us the theme was water.  We spent most of our time either in the pool or at the beach.

The folks at Aulani took most of the worry out of a typical family trip.  It was the little things that mattered.  We did have to worry about towels, and there was no limit.  We didn’t want to waste so we took want we needed but it was nice to know it was there.  Plus there were towel drop offs everywhere.  Another nice thing was the free water around the pool area.  This helped keep the kids hydrated (and the parents) – VERY important since it was so hot.  Of course there were food for purchase everywhere, but kind of expensive.  The shave ice stand was popular with the kids.

If your kids aren’t really into water activities, there was Aunty’s Beach House.  This “house” had so many cool things for kids of all ages.  They even provided lunch and/or dinner if need be (of course for a fee).  I suppose that is a nice option.  For us, the kids were all about the water so we didn’t hang out in Aunty’s Beach House.

I felt our days were jam packed.  From the outdoor movie night to all the water activities, we couldn’t say there was nothing to do at Aulani.  It worth checking out their webste for a LONG list of things of things do.  And that was just on Aulani grounds.  We actually ate in Kapolei because some of the food prices were a little on the high side at Aulani.

Bottom line, my kids loved.  Would we go back?  For sure…when and if there are better kama’aina deals.



  1. We are Disney Vacation Club members, my husband is dying to go. The airfare is what is preventing us…. but the more I hear about Aulani the more I believe we just need to save up and make it happen, at least the accommodations will be taken care of. Glad you had a great time!

    • Gosh…a flight from Florida would be a long one. The location of Aulani is much better than Waikiki in my opinion. I was born and raised on Oahu and I DONT LIKE visiting Waikiki at all. The leeward coast of Oahu is beautiful, and away from all the busy-ness of Honolulu. I hope you both can make it one day!

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