Posted by: Dad...Guess What?! | July 29, 2012


My oldest son loves chess.  The sad part is that I have no idea how to play the game.  So when he started asking, I started researching.  We had a cardboard chess board and I downloaded the rules and even uploaded a chess app  to get familiar with the game.  Well, the cardboard was getting beat up as he started to play more frequently and since I had some scrap wood, I decided to make a chessboard.

Now, when I YouTubed “how to make a chessboard” I didn’t realize I would get expert, master, awesome-like boards.  I just wanted to check out something simple.  Anyway, after I got some ideas online, I went to work.

The scrap

Maximizing the useable space on the scrap wood

Measuring out the playing area

Measuring out the squares (I had a lot of great help on this one because I’m terrible at math)

Cut to size and sanded

My son painted the squares with extra paint we had around the house, and I painted the rest of the board with left over paint from the home renovation.



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