Posted by: Dad...Guess What?! | July 22, 2012

Making the most with scraps

A while back a bought a huge piece of wood to make Lego tables for my kids (see my previous post on building a Lego table).  As a result, I had all these extra pieces.  My mother-in-law also picked up some scrap wood from the street because she wanted to construct a stool.  Anyway, I saw this as an opportunity.  First, I had an idea to build a Lego clock.  Well, that is on hold for now because I was instructed by my wife to wait for the 40% coupon from Ben Franklin’s Craft.  So I wait.

In the meantime, I had an idea to create a sign for the house.  Something with a positive message.  And possibly something my kids could do.  So I did some sketching to get my ideas out of my head an on top paper.  Then again, my kids may have other ideas on how to design the front.  They already mentioned volcano and fire.

I was excited so I got to work.  I got out the scrap pieces to see what I could do.

Below are the pieces cut to size.  I’m going to create a border with the smaller pieces with hopes that it’ll make the design look clean.  My thought is if the kids design something, the border will minimize the craziness.


I have a lot of extra paint from the house renovation that I’ll be using for the back and the borders.  I’ve already added one coat but it needed another.  I’m hoping to get this part done today so my kids can start painting.  More to come….


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