Posted by: Dad...Guess What?! | June 17, 2012

Lego clock project

I’ve been wanting to make a clock for the boys.  I have no idea why.  I even have a board on my Pinterest account with just clocks to get ideas.  So about a week ago, I bought an early Father’s Day gift for myself, a jigsaw.  I had all kinds of ideas but decided to keep it simple for my first attempt.  I’m going to make a Lego brick clock.

I’m terrible at math so it will be interesting how my spacings turn out.  I did use a ruler but, those things are only good as the user.

Cutting the actual brick was fun, although my boys thought it was too noisy.  They actually ran to the other side of the house to avoid the noise.

My challenge will be the circles.  This was my test run and it was terrible.  At least it gave me an idea on what I need to do.  I have a feeling I’ll be doing a bunch of these.  I need at least 8 decent circles but I’m sure there will be more casualties.  More to come….

Update:  06.23.12

I cut the circles but sanding it to size is a challenge!  I’m going to visit the hardware store to see my sandpaper options.  This process may take a while.

Update 07.01.12

I desperately need a rotary saw.  This sanding-by-hand is just not working well.

I’m using a 80 grit sandpaper to sand it down to size but it is taking FOREVER.  Plus, the circles end up uneven but it adds character…right!?!

Update 07.07.12

I did it!  I brought myself a Dremel rotary sander.  It is an awesome tool.  My circles are still not perfect but I was able to get it somewhat close.

My next step is to prime all the parts.  I really haven’t decided what color to paint the clock but I’m leaning towards blue, although my oldest loves green.  We’ll see.

I finally feel progress has been made.  I still have to get adjusted to this new tool but I’m so happy I bought it.

Update 08.17.12

I’m about a few inches to the finish line.  Getting there was a little rough.  I didn’t realize carving out a space for the clock was going to be a major issue.

This took some time to do.  Thank goodness for the Dremel, however I probably wasn’t using it properly.  No matter.  I got the job done.

As for the color, my son actually selected brown.  That worked out perfect because I had all this left over paint.

Next, I decided to glue the parts to the main board.  My son took this wood shop type class over summer and told me the teacher used a certain type of glue that I had to buy.  Luckily Home Depot had it stock.

Once it was set, it was time to assemble.  We tried a few arrangements but my son like this one the best.

Ben Franklin Crafts only had one choice in terms of clock selections.  I wasn’t thrilled with this one but I had no choice.  Anyway, I just had to see it on the wall.

And here it is.  On the wall, over one of his Lego stations.  I still have to stencil in the Lego logo and add the numbers  but I need to wait for my wife’s expertise.  Like I said, inches to the finish line, but I think it turned out ok so far.



  1. Looks like a prescription for a table saw?

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