Posted by: Dad...Guess What?! | June 10, 2012

Venus in a box

There are moments at work that remind me why I love working at a college.  In addition to meeting young minds with so much potential, I also work with some amazing people.  For example, an instructor took a bunch of us out on a canoe paddling excursion (that was the-best-day at work), I learned how to make stir-fry with one of our best culinary arts instructors, and most recently, viewed venus in a box with the coolest librarians.  Yes, venus in a box.

One of the librarian’s father is a scientist and brought down some kind of device that projected the sun onto, well in this case, a box.  It was so cool.  We didn’t know this was going to be possible because of the clouds at around 12:30 HST but at around 3:00 HST the clouds went away and Venus appeared.

It was cool to see this in action.  Of course I showed my shots to the kids and they couldn’t believe it.  I wish they were there with me.  It would have made it more real.  I’m just thrilled I got to see this because the next visit won’t be for a while.


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