Posted by: Dad...Guess What?! | May 31, 2012

Food is just amazing

Nature is cool.  I never knew how peppers got their color.  I learned that time (duh) plays a large role.  Now that I am witnessing the process first hand, it kind of blows my mind to see all this in stores.  I have so many questions!

My son also had a birthday the other day.  I asked, “what you guys want to eat for dinner?”  They all said, “pancakes!”  Pancakes?!  If IHOP can do it, I suppose I could do it too.  Rather than making the standard pancakes, we added chocolate chips to make a face and I made eyebrows out of butter.

Playing with food is fun.  Cooking is fun.  Cleaning dishes…not so fun.  But watching my kids react to food is an interesting journey.  I suppose I need to so something exciting with vegetables.  That’ll be my next challenge.


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