Posted by: Dad...Guess What?! | April 1, 2012

From pallets to planters

One of my co-workers was busy assembling something for his next haunted house when I noticed he had some extra palettes (FYI, his haunted houses are AWESOME).  Anyway, I had asked if I could take some because my wife wanted some planters and I refused to pay the going rate for store bought planters.  So during Spring Break, another co-worker and I spent some time breaking down about 4 pallets and kept the salvageable parts.

I gathered some screws, a saw, and a drill, then went to work.  I tried to match the scraps as best I could.  The neat part was how each piece of wood had its own character.  Wood is cool that way.

The assembly was pretty fast.  The only part that took some time was sawing the “caps” for the screws.  This was my son’s idea so that no one would get hurt from the exposed screws.  What a great idea.

In the end, I made 2 planters.  My boys wanted to paint them but my body was too sore.  Maybe we’ll paint them on Good Friday.  I’ll be sure to post some shots after they paint them.

Next project…composting.  Worms anyone?

Update on 05.08.12

So far the planters are holding up OK.  We added lettuce, strawberries, green onions, eggplant, basil, carrots, lavender, and peppers.  Flowers were added to attract the bees.

We’re actually growing radish, corn, carrots, squash, peppers, and taro on another part of the yard.  All this is growing in areas where the kids can easily monitor them daily.  It’s pretty cool.

Update on 08.24.13

Pallet planters R.I.P.  It seems the slugs got to the wood so I had to take it down.  Bummers, but it lasted pretty long.



  1. Awesome DIY work! My dad started vermicomposting, or whatever you call composting with worms, a few months ago. He’s eager to show them off to anyone who isn’t repulsed by the idea. I think it’s a great earth-friendly project that the kids can help with too.

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