Posted by: Dad...Guess What?! | March 26, 2012

Moanalua Gardens

I’ve noticed that my post about the Mighty Mo has some fairly consistent hits (thank you!).  Pearl Harbor is a wonderful attraction for both locals and visitors.  Another location that is worth visiting is the Moanalua Gardens.  I took my boys on Kuhio Day so we could get some sun and feed the koi.

I could never understand this but the Hitachi Tree (see picture below) is a major tourist attraction for visitors from Japan.  The come by the bus loads!

It is definitely beautiful.  However, there are other features of this Garden that is worth checking out.  For instance, I believe they have taken some old trees and converted them into these wonderful looking benches.  Its all over the Garden and they are all unique and well done.  I wish I could take them home.

The best part about the Garden is the space.  It is a great place to hang out as a family to have lunch.  There is a food court near by or simply bring something homemade.  One of the main features (in addition to the Tree) is the koi pond.  Make sure to bring some koi food but Garden now has a store that sells them as well.

The kids love feeding the koi, and of course the ducks come by to “share” the snacks.  There are signs telling the visitors that only koi food is allowed in the pond.  That is to protect the fish.  Anyway, we love this place and we will definitely come back.


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