Posted by: Dad...Guess What?! | February 26, 2012


February was quite intense with birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and an anniversary.  The fact that we like to make stuff makes it even more, well, eventful.  Here is a breakdown on some of the stuff we tried to do.

Homemade pinata
Materials:  cardboard, painters tape, paper mache, tissue paper, white paper
Reflections:  This was SOLID.  This thing wouldn’t break even with solid hits.  Maybe we shouldn’t have sealed it so good.

We also made t-shirts for this party with the help of my sister’s Yudu.  It was pretty easy.  The only part that got me nervous was the emulsion sheet.  That stuff ain’t cheap so I may try the photo emulsion with the next one.

I also did some chalk designs on the garage floor to make some kind of ninja training area.  Just a word of caution (and I’m sure everyone knows this).  Yes, chalk does wash away HOWEVER, it is also very messy when there are a bunch of kids running all over it.  Chalk got on their clothes, shoes, and body.  We did a quick swipe down before they went into the house.  Maybe I won’t do this again.

Valentine’s Day
So I also tried to make a quick Valentine’s Day breakfast.  My wife doesn’t eat much in the morning so I tried to make something simple with what we had in the fridge.  The result was a ham and cheese heart shaped quesadilla.

Let’s not forget the flowers.  Roses are great but my wife LOVES tulips.  I think they are pretty cool too.

February was hectic…but I wouldn’t change a thing.


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