Posted by: Dad...Guess What?! | February 11, 2012

All that jazz

Must focus on the positives and/or look for alternatives.  Those are the thoughts that go through me head when I watch my son on the basketball court.  Then it got me thinking about my childhood and my relationship with sports.  It was good but not the greatest.  I do remember listening to music quite a bit and pretenting I could play every instrument.  Then I remembered in the seventh grade, I would draw pictures of concert stages.  I always thought the best seats at a concert were in the back so I could see what the musicians were doing.  Anyway, so as I’m sitting and watching my son “play” basketball, I started thinking about exposing my son to music, again.

Lucky for me, Noel Okimoto, one of the best drummers in the state was performing at Gordon Biersch at Aloha Towers.

It was awesome.  They did this great jazz version of The Police “Walking On The Moon.”  I turned to both my sons and asked, “How to do you like this?”  with my beaming smile.  The response, “It’s too loud.”  Sigh.  BUT, after the show I asked, “So what did you like about tonight?”  My oldest said, “the music and chips.”  I’ll take that.

On a side note, I suck at drums but I love playing them.  So being a drum dork, I had to take a picture of Noel’s drums.  It was beautiful.  One day.


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