Posted by: Dad...Guess What?! | January 14, 2012

Chinese New Year celebration

My boys LOVE parades, and there are two parades we always check out – Christmas and Chinese New Year.  It might be just me but I think more people come out to the Chinese New Years parade.  Downtown was PACKED!  Plus, they also closed down a few streets to create a street fair type vibe.  They have been doing this for years.  Anyway, this parade had so many active things to watch like kung fu demos and of course, the lions.

There were some random stuff too but I thought this one was very cool since meth is problem in Hawaii.  Plus, the folks from 88Tees made some very cool shirt for them.

The Chinese Cultural Plaza is in the heart of Honolulu’s Chinatown and this place was PACKED (I seem to be using that work a lot)!  Luckily we got there in the late afternoon because the traffic into Chinatown at night was CRAZY!

My boys loved watching the marshal arts demo, and of course the guy with the sword was a big hit.  I swear, if someone was on stage juggling a rifle, he would of burst.  I know the New Year doesn’t come till the 23rd but Happy Chinese New Year!


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