Posted by: Dad...Guess What?! | December 9, 2011

Building a Lego table – Day 1

My wife and I had big goals to build a Lego table for my son prior to Thanksgiving.  No such luck.  So, at around 7pm or so on a Friday night (tonight) my wife tells me, “we need to get this table done by Sunday, before my friends come over.”

I head over to Lowe’s thinking they’ll be well stocked since its somewhat new.  Nope.  They were missing stuff I needed…and there wasn’t a lot of foot traffic.  Lucky for me, Home Depot was right up the street.  They had everything…and the place was BUSY.

I’m not a handyman so please forgive my limited vocabulary.  I bought a 60 inch pipe and had them cut it half and threaded, along with some caps and fasteners (??).  [Update:  it was called a “floor flange”]  In back is the sheet of wood I bought that, according to the Home Depot guy, won’t sag in the middle.  In total, I spent about $145 bucks.

Of course I need to cut the wood to size – 21 inches deep, 68 inches long.  The tool they used to cut the wood was amazing.  But now I have enough wood to make 3 tables.  I might just do it.  What else am I going to do with the scraps?

It was 9pm and I started to sand the edges and primed the table.  The plan is to prime the other side first thing tomorrow morning.  Paint again when I return from my son’s basketball game.  Then do the other side either in the afternoon or when I return from my boys’ Judo Christmas Party.  THEN, do the final assembly first thing on Sunday.

I’m not too confident that I’ll get this done.



  1. Dude, take it easy! Looks like a good plan, though. Put a fan in it, it’ll help it dry a lot faster. With the weather the way its been lately, the moisture & colder temps will slow down the drying/curing time if you’re going to be sanding it before the topcoat. Good luck, I’m sure you’ll get it complete by Sunday!

    • Thanks Grant. It’s now 5 something in the morning on a Sat. I’m eating by wheaties before I attack that table. The boss felt I spent too much on the table. I really hope it turns out.

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