Posted by: Dad...Guess What?! | October 29, 2011

It was a good day

My son is really into stuff like Legos, coloring, and Wii Games, but nothing really active.  We’ve tried soccer for 3 seasons and that didn’t go to well.  He is in Judo right now, which is pretty good (see last entry).  Now we are in basketball.  He just LOVES Space Jams so it re-sparked an interest with basketball.

His first attempt with basketball was ok.  He would run around, more than soccer, but wasn’t aggressive.  He was afraid of stuff like the ball coming at him, or hitting his head.  He didn’t make one basket the entire season, but he wasn’t unhappy about it.  Now we’re in season two, and today was our first game.  He was definitely excited and that was really great to see.  We practiced a little before the game and his ball was hitting the rim.  But you know, he wasn’t unhappy about it and kept trying.  A good sign.  Then the game started.  We thought it was a good day already because he was just excited to be out there.  But it got better.

He was more aggressive than last season.  He blocked, passed, and tried his best at defense (we need to work on that).  But through the span of the game, he made 5 baskets.  5!!  He even kept count.  Each time he made a shot, he shot the hugest smile at us.  We were proud that he made those shots, but proud that he kept trying.

It paid off.


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