Posted by: Dad...Guess What?! | October 12, 2011

Hyper observant

I’m not sure if this is a natural reaction but now I seem to be over analyzing stuff.  Maybe it is my quest for answers.  Anyway, my youngest started judo about a week ago, and we thought this would a very overwhelming experience.  He did make his way to the judo mats and it looked like a little boy in the chaotic sea of hormonal madness all dressed in white gi’s.  But you know, he held his own (with the help of his brother).  He listened, followed directions, and actually participated, even though every face was new one.  That is being social, right?

Then there is school.  Now and then I do ask him about school.  Rather than asking, “how was school?” because of the typical boy answer of “good”, I would ask who he played with at school.  More times than any he says, “no one.”  But he is not upset about it.  So I would follow up with, “are you happy?” answered with an honest smile.  But maybe I wasn’t phrasing the question correctly.  So my other follow up question would be, “who were your friends today?” that is followed by a list of names, a short list but a list nonetheless.  This got me thinking about myself.  Although I’m in the human services profession, I like being alone or with a extremely small number of people.  And I would like to think I’m well adjusted.  Perhaps I should ask my wife and friends if I’m normal…maybe I shouldn’t.  Anyway, I am currently very happy with what I have and what I have accomplished, even though I may have had a different type of life script.  Maybe history is repeating itself.

Patience s**k.  Too bad e-Bay doesn’t sell crystal balls.


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