Posted by: Dad...Guess What?! | August 27, 2011


Today was a challenging day.  We always knew our youngest was strong willed but today confirmed it.  He cried and whined from morning to night, a definite first for us.  In the morning, we had a soccer game to which I had to ref but couldn’t do a decent job because he just wasn’t cooperating.  I’m sure the other soccer parents were annoyed because my lack of ref’ing but I just couldn’t keep him engaged.  Then he was hot and cold prior to his swimming lessons that just drove my wife batty.  He loves the water so he did change once he started swimming.  It was as if our son was back!  But not for long.  It was going good as we were watching Despicable Me (a super awesome movie) but things went south again when it was bedtime.  He was crying and whining for a good 15-20 minutes that drove our oldest a little nuts.  Anyway, in the height of this madness, we kissed him, hugged him, sat next to him till he fell asleep.  We’re hoping he was just tired.  Tomorrow is a new day.

As a break from the kids, my wife and I treated ourselves to La Tour Cafe on Nimitz and bought some plants from Lowe’s.  Well needed, well deserved in my opinion.

On side note, my oldest is now 100% healthy.  He had the flu, but then passed it on to my wife.  She battled the flu for about a week, and she is almost back to normal.

Now, I just want our oven to work.


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