Posted by: Dad...Guess What?! | August 12, 2011

Why is he not eating?

My kids have been sick before but nothing like this.  Early this week, I had to pick up my oldest from school because his head was hurting and he had a fever (101).  When we got home, he start to throw up but it wasn’t all that bad.  In fact, it was just that one time.  Anyway, we thought he would rebound pretty quick because he good like that, however it didn’t happen.  We’re going into about the 4th day of his cold with a fever of 103.  His eyes even puffed up in the middle of the day today, and to top it off, he hasn’t eaten all that much in the past week.  It could be our imagination but the boy is losing weight so that makes us extra nervous.  My wife has been calling the doctors and researching for any kind of answers.  The only thing our doctor could tell us over the phone was administer Benadryl for the eyes and Tylenol for the fever.  That is a lot of drugs.  Anyway, he also said to drop by his office tomorrow if it doesn’t get any better.  And you all know the web.  Some times too much information is well, too much.

What makes me sad the most is his spirit.  He hasn’t been himself.  I know its temporary but it is very unsettling to see my ball of energy lying on the couch like a sad sack of potatoes.  We’ve tried to make him laugh, even rented his favorite movies (anything Scooby-Doo) that only resulted in some chuckles but that is about it.

My son said (actually yelled) it best the other day.  “I don’t like being sick.”  I don’t like when you are sick too.


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