Posted by: Dad...Guess What?! | July 5, 2011

This bloggin stuff aint easy

You know…I was off to a fair decent start, but quickly realized I needed to be on some kind of schedule in order to be doing this blogging stuff.  Between Father’s Day and the present, so many things has happened that I can’t put into words.  One thought that has been reoccurring, though, is reflections of my childhood and how I was raised by my father.

I had a real interests in the arts as a child, both drawing and music.  I went to a few art classes outside of school and spent some time learning piano but I’m can’t remember if I was pushed or not.  In my teen years, I learned art through a number of talented graffiti artist, learned djing from another group of friends, and taught myself how to play the drums.  However, I’ve always wondered if things would be different today if my parents recognized my natural interests versus pushing me into, say, basketball (see previous post  Anyway, we currently have our kids in the typical stuff like martial arts and sports, but we’ve been noticing they love to dance.  I’m sure all kids love to dance but a presentation by Sir Ken Robinson got me thinking about taking these natural interest a little more seriously.  But first, we need to expose them more to of these things in the flesh versus YouTube videos.

I just have to get my act together and get on some kind of schedule…like this blog.


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