Posted by: Dad...Guess What?! | May 23, 2011

Its more than just dribbling

My oldest son tried soccer three times with minimal success.  We tried basketball for one season (and those seasons are very short) and he just loved it.  He wasn’t  the greatest player on the court but he was way more engaged, even though he didn’t score.  He does have a difficult time pushing himself.  After witnessing his somewhat lack of drive, I felt I needed to step in…finally.  I played basketball in my younger years so I have an idea what to teach him.  Here is the interesting thing (and my wife knew this all along)…I have to kind of trick him to practice.

At first, I was basically saying “dribble the ball”, “pass the ball”, “move the ball around your body”, very matter-of-fact type instructions.  He was making all kinds of excuses why he couldn’t do it.  “My toe hurts”, or “my stomach is sore.”  Then I had to think about why I stopped playing basketball…it wasn’t fun anymore.  I noticed he just loves dribbling the ball under his legs.  He thinks it is so funny.  So, I ran with it.  And from that, he decided to talk about his day.  Kind of random right?  So I ran with that as well, while sneaking in some basketball basics.  While he was talking about Bakkugan, Ninjago, and things at school, he was dribbling, passing, and moving the ball around his body.  “He” was the focus of attention, and the basketball stuff was secondary…but he was doing it…and doing it pretty good.  Meanwhile, about 20-30 minutes passed and I pretty much accomplished my goal.

It was neat.  It was like I connected with my son via a basketball.


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