Posted by: Dad...Guess What?! | May 13, 2011

Vegetation Hitman

Ok…don’t tell anyone, but if you need someone to kill your vegetation, I am your man.  My victims include:

Tomato vine
Yellow squash
Zucchini (yes, zucchini)

I don’t know what happened?  Let’s start with the tomatoes.  It got off to a slow start but it started to grow some decent tomatoes.  My kids were excited to pick um.  But the vines were out of control so I decide to trim them.  Apparently that was a bad idea.  Once I cut those suckers back, it just started to die.  I thought our recent rain storms would do the trick but no luck.  Now it just look pathetic.

The yellow squash and zucchini plants started from a seed so it was neat to see it grow.  The zucchini plant just EXPLODED with leaves.  I mean, this thing just totally branched out.  But I only got one zucchini.  I believe it was because I cut too much of the leaves.  I had no choice!  It was totally taking over but now the stems are black and the zucchini’s aren’t growing.  I only got one yellow squash as well.  The leaves didn’t go out of control but it didn’t grow well.  It like got to a certain point till the leaves started to turn for the worse.  Oh well.  It was worth the effort.

The next step is to make some planters.  My wife has been talking with some folks, and I as well, about how to build one.  It seems pretty easy.  In fact, it makes one’s garden look more organized so I’m going to give it a shot.  Wish me luck!


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