Posted by: Dad...Guess What?! | May 10, 2011

Is listening a learned skill?

Well, I’m discovering that kids have selective hearing.  It seems phrases like, “brush your teeth”, “change your clothes”, “do your homework”, and “pick up your toys” are decoded differently then, say, “do you want cookies?”, “wanna play with Lego’s?”, and “who wants to watch Star Wars?”  I guess fathers (and/or husbands) have selective hearing too, but we’ll talk about that later.  Anyway, this listening thing is driving me bonkers.  Apparently raising my voice doesn’t seem to work all that well.  So I asked my son, “should I learn another language?  Do you understand a different language?”  I know.  I’m dumb, but there are moments when I am just losing my mind.  This is just another item in the test of patience.

Does anyone experience any thing similar?  What do you all do?  SOS!


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