Posted by: Dad...Guess What?! | May 5, 2011


As I read parenting articles, watched family show, and observed my own kids, I learned about certain key milestones in a child’s develop.  There are popular milestones such as crawling, walking, and talking.  My mind was blown when I witnessed all of them along with more current developments like identifying colors, reading, and making armpit farts.

Yes, armpit farts.  I totally forgot about the art of armpit farts till last week when my oldest one came home and started going for it.  The child in me totally came out.  Of course, I tried to be serious.  “That is rude…STOP IT!”  But he kept on going.  And he was pretty good too, but I had to do my fatherly duties and show him how it was done.  Now, up until then, I didn’t even attempt that since I was like 10, however it was like “riding a bike.”  Now wife has to deal with two of us laughing and making these armpit farts.  Of course, I tried to make it a learning experience.

Me:  “Do you know how these sounds form?”
Son:  “No.”
Me:  “Well, air is trapped in your hand under your armpit, and the pressure from your other arm forces air out though the cracks in your hand, which makes the fart sounds.”
Son:  Looks at me….then continues to fart and laugh.  (Oh well).

Parenthood is great.  Armpit farts and all.  I just hope he’s not doing that at show-and-tell.


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