Posted by: Dad...Guess What?! | April 30, 2011

Hawaii is too cool

Even though the Islands are small, there are still many things to discover.  One place in particular is Chinaman’s Hat.  We recently introduced my kids to The Story of Chinaman’s Hat by Dean Howell (Island Heritage Publishing), and now they can’t wait to see it.  My oldest one has seen it before but we didn’t show him that book back when he was younger.  Now he has this cool reference and it is going to be interesting to see his reaction.

I’m excited to see what my kids will be like after taking their first true history course.  Will they want to travel the world?  I’ve been to some cool cities but never Washington DC, which is my  next dream destination.  I have a feeling my oldest will enjoy US history (or history in general) because he is curious about everything.  I feel seeing historical icons in the flesh will make his learning experience more engaging.  My mind was blown when I saw my first heiau or the actual desk from The Godfather (ok…not too historic but it’s my favorite movie).

Anyway, time to pack up the car.

Update:  Shot of Chinaman’s Hat from today’s visit


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