Posted by: Dad...Guess What?! | April 27, 2011

Why did I pick the drums?!

I love music.  I started off with the piano, followed by a short career in DJing, and in the end gravitated to the drums.  WHY?!  Its not like I can plug in and play without disturbing my neighbors.  Let’s face it.  It is a loud, very loud instrument.  But I love it.  Come to find out, so do my kids.  Lucky neighbors!  At face value, I’m sure they just like to bang on things, but deep down I’m thinking this is a hobby waiting to flourish.  I can dream.  Anyway, a while back I stumbled on this YouTube clip of Sheila E. where she described how drums were everywhere in the house.  I thought that was so cool.  It was if instruments around the house was as normal as a coffee table.

The drums also taught me an important life lesson in that thinking outside the box is ok, and probably healthy.  I’ve played in a few bands where the music took lead without any structure resulting in some pretty magical moments.  I’ve applied some of this out-of-the-box thinking at work that resulted in some useful projects.  I’m also trying to apply this approach to fatherhood.  What could possibly happen if I let my kids just be and watch (certain things) unfold naturally?  One example is drawing.  We bought the kids a box full of colored chalk and they just went to town on the garage floor.  We would have them describe their drawings and flush out their interpretation.  Once I just saw a bunch of lines and circles, but it was actually my son’s interpretation of his classroom and teacher.

I’m excited to broaden their horizons around music.  I want to take them to a show, that doesn’t involve Elmo.  I want them to see how reaching deep in their souls can fuel a flight that will take them anywhere.  I want their lines and circles to dance and move the way they see and feel it.

I love music.  I love my kids.


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